Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Smashbox Oil Cleanser and Stila Loose Powder

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So I'm back with (yet) another review from the BeautyTicket.com haul. This time I've got the info on a giant bottle of Smashbox Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover and Stila Loose Powder in Fair.

Smashbox Cleansing Oil:

11.5 ounces doesn't sound like a lot, but that thing is huger than most things standing on my bathroom table! It pretty much dwarfs the Loose Powder, and Stila wasn't being skimpy with their product either. Anyways, it was a great surprise to get so much product from a popular and higher-end brand like Smashbox cause usually we end up paying for quality over quantity (eg products that make you go, "Couldn't they have made it just a LITTLE bigger?" ..you know what I mean). It also smells pretty nice, a cucumber-y cleanser smell.
However, although I love the minimalist feel of the bottle, the pump REALLY needs some work. Pushing it down basically lets loose a jet stream of oily...well, oil onto whatever happens to be in the way. Like my clothes. Or the carpet. You see where I'm going. Basically, in order to get the oil actually into my hand safely, I have to cup my hand right around the pump like some sort of shield and push down .. carefully. Kind of annoying, but I could get used to it (not).

The thing that I can't get used to, however, is such a subpar product from Smashbox. (Um, that's probably why it's discontinued and I had to buy it cheap from a discount beauty site...*cough*). Anyways... I guess Smashbox has learned from their failure and pulled this from production but still... they still DID produce it. And I did buy it. *tears*

Basically, Smashbox Cleansing Oil retailed for 42 bucks... and I've seen it as high as 60+. And it doesn't do nearly as good a job of removing my makeup as my 7 dollar Ponds Cold Cream, or any makeup removing towelette I've bought from a drugstore.

Here's the down-low:
-Even though it's a good size, it's still a ridiculous price for a makeup remover (thank god I had that promo coupon for BeautyTicket.. even 19.99 isn't worth it for this thing)
-It removes light summer makeup, but leaves a greasy residue on my face that's hard to wash off with even other makeup removers/facewash.
-No matter how hard I rubbed or how much I put on my face, it still wouldn't remove all my makeup on a normal day.
-It also doesn't even come CLOSE to removing my waterproof mascara so 0 points there.
-That stupid frickin pump. I hate it. I want to bash it against a wall.
Pretty much all I can think is that it looks cool on my table and smells nice and I could use it if I run out of Pond's and don't have time to hit the drugstore....

All in all... Amy gives this a big fat F for Effing Failure =(

Stila Loose Powder in Fair:

After the disaster of Smashbox Oil my standards were pretty low. Just kidding =) I will always be this picky. Forever. MWAHAHAH.


So anyways, to be quick about this review, my reaction to this product was pretty much a "meh". It's alright, but not amazing. It has some nice points and some bad points and they kind of balance out.

When I first opened it though, I was pretty scared because apparently Fair in Stila-language means "finely milled flour." Basically I was brushing white powder on my face (on top of the white powder already around my nose... hehe JK =P). Good thing is that it blends pretty well and I didn't look like Sadako or Samara or whoever from The Ring.

I didn't feel anything amazing from using the powder to set my tinted moisturizer. It just set my makeup. Didn't do anything amazing, didn't make me skinnier or give me bigger boo....uh, I think I've wandered a bit off track. (AKA : This product is a tad...boring >.<)

The bad: Packaging sucks. Again. I don't know how to explain this, but it just feels.. cheap... when you pick it up or touch it. Like it's some half-assed sample you got instead of a full-sized product. It barely weighs anything, so that probably contributes. Also I think the bottle is made of foil or something... OOOh and the freaking top! I hate it =(. It's hard to open and I have to wrestle with it everytime to turn the top open... so I ended up breaking it =P.

So.. it's an OKAY product. Nothing exciting. Grab it if you find it discounted. I think I got mine around 10 bucks. If I see for cheaper, I'll def. grab another one but otherwise....

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