Thursday, June 3, 2010

Amazing Deal! Smashbox Muse palette =)


I found this super amazing deal on Ebay! I couldn't believe it (until it arrived in the mail today, lol) but somebody is selling Smashbox's Muse 10 shadow palette for 10 freaking bucks! If I did my math right =P that comes to about 1 dollar per shadow... a steal!

Heres the link for you to grab it for yourself:

The description said that the product was marred and damaged, but mine is in perfect condition =) (although not each one she has might be perfect.. but it seems like there might only superficial damage so it's up to you!)

Anyways, this is a good-sized palette with pretty much full-sized shadows (as opposed to the teensy weensy ones that CERTAIN OTHER brands like to use in their palettes. I imagine they're thinking, hey you get more colors in this palette even if they ARE microscopic. Those skanks.)

I'm also loving the black and white minimalist Jackson Pollock-y look of the palette.. the giant mirror on the inside of the cover is great too =). The palette comes with a shadow brush too, as you can see in the pics.

I haven't used the brush yet, and though it doesn't seem too amazing, I did buy this palette for the shadows =O. Also it seems kinda deformed, probably cause it's been stuck in a plastic sleeve for awhile. I'm sure it'll go back to its original shape if it's left alone.

And here are the swatches. The duos have already been paired up but I'm certain some great looks can be achieved by mixing and matching nonsimilar colors =). They're all frosty shadows with fine shimmer and the darker colors are all highly pigmented while their lighter counterparts are more suitable for an opaque wash over the eyelid.

The only thing I kinda don't like about this palette is that while it does have a pretty strong magnet keeping it closed, I would be iffy about traveling with it unless I put a rubber band around it. Also, the shadows aren't as pigmented as I'd hoped (I had to layer a few times in the swatches) but they seem very buildable and with 10 shadows, the combinations are endless =).

All in all, for 10 bucks this is a must-have!


Oh and in case you wanted to know, the Muse Palette retailed for 48 bucks (OUCH) when it came out, although it seems like the Smashbox site is having a sale for it right now for $24, which you can also get if you are worried about imperfections in the palette or if you're giving this as a gift for a friend.

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  1. Amy--You might have bought a counterfeit. I have the palette and it has a strong magnet that stays shut during traveling (as in, really bumpy 2-hour road trip traveling).

    Also, the only color that isn't opaque in one swipe is Deep Orchid (the dark purple); it becomes opaque in two swipes. The colors are definitely not frosted either; they all are silky and have a very fine shimmer finish. Stila eyeshadows border frost (they're considered high shimmer which means loads of it) for comparison and these are definitely not that.

    Also, the palette is on sale on for $24 instead of $48.