Friday, June 18, 2010

Laura Geller Wonder Wand

Well. This product is a face highlighter, for under the brows, under your lower lashline, in the inner corners of your eyes and etc. from Laura Geller. Now while I love her other products, ( like her tinted moisturizer and cream eye shadows (reviews coming soon!)), this one... well... just fell flat.

Lets put it this way:

There was a wand, and definitely wondering.. but only at what Laura was thinking when she made this product.

Photo with swatch:

First of all, the packaging. The outside is okay, nothing special. However, the inside design is SUPER weird. The first time I opened this product, I didn't realize that twisting would turn the foam applicator inside into a Twizzler strip. Now I have to be super careful when I open this product because I remember reading a review of a poor girl who ordered this product 3 times because everytime she tried to open it, the applicator would break.

So yes, major design flaw.

Onto the product....


It's basically a matte ivory shade with little to medium pigmentation. There's a tiny bit of shimmer but it's not really noticeable, and that pretty much is fails this product as a highlighter. All highlighters carry shimmer or some kind of light-attracting formula to, well, highlight. You get the point.

Also, staying power is very bleh on this. It's a super fine powder and I feel like I had to put a lot just to get it to work/show up but it comes off easily too so boo...

I think the only people who might like this are those who wear or need conservative/nude/workplace makeup... shimmer and glitter don't really fit for those. But the product still barely shows.. maybe it's my super pale skin.

Either way, I would say to stay clear of this product. It's pretty useless, and I'm returning it to Sephora tomorrow.


PS. Right now I'm using Benefit's High Beam which is pretty nice, although not optimal in my opinion.. the consistency is strangely watery and it's a bit too metallic and looks kind of strange with softer looks/ nude makeup. I've been eyeing Nars Multiples in Luxor and Copacabana to take over as my primary highlighter... we'll see.

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