Thursday, June 17, 2010

Buxom A Wink and a Kiss Lipstick and Mascara Set

Ah, I just love shopping Sephora online. Their website has so much more than any single store and there are usually so many onsale/clearance/discontinued items on there for grabs! The best part is Sephora's amazing return policy. I'm not worried about purchasing from them online because you can return anything you buy from them, used or not used, for pretty much any reason!

Of course, another great reason to love is because with each online order you get the opportunity to use a promo code! I got this Buxom set for free through a promo code with my order!!! FREEEEEEE!!!!!!! *foams*


Anyways, so now you know when I start complaining about the products I'm an ungrateful b*tch =P.

Anyways, Item Numero Uno is Buxom's Big Healthy Lip Stick. It's basically a large twistable/retractable lip pencil. I feel that all lipstick products should follow this packaging, since the more defined/smaller tip allows for more precision during application, and also you never have to sharpen it! I hate sharpening makeup products, cause if you don't put them in the freezer for awhile before, they almost always break on me.

The color is a deep, rich red/burgundy. It has a bit of shimmer as you can see from the swatch above. The pigmentation is great and the product comes off smoothly and easily onto my lips/skin (as you can see by my awesome smiley). The product texture is akin to something between a creme lipstick and thick lip balm. However, it feels and sits very comfortable on lips, and doesn't have any thick/goopey/silicon-ey texture. It didn't feel drying at all and it was more like a protective layer on my lips than anything else. The staying power for this product isn't bad either, although not amazing considering its rich formula.

What else about it, hmm... There's also a pleasant minty tingling feeling that I assume is some kind of plumping effect. It tastes a bit like mint too though, and sometimes my tongue feels a bit tingly if I manage to swallow some (oops). Nothing terrible though.

All in all, I really like everything about this product and I'd totally buy more.. if only such a rich dark color looked nice on my pale face. But it doesn't.


Um, anyways, there was also a mascara included in the set (Buxom Lash Mascara). It looked pretty promising but unfortunately the sample sized tube was a tad dried out so I had to rub it a lot just to get some product off (as you can probably see for yourself in the swatch above.) Here's a shot of its brush:

Too bad this mascara was dried up =( I couldn't try it out.

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