Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fimo Fruits Nail Design =)

Hey all!

Here's a nail design I did on myself awhile back, although I wish I still had it now cause it's perfect for summer =).

I used Fimo canes and some nail art pearls for this (all available on Ebay!).

Hope you like it. I know I did, too bad I had even more fun picking the fruits off and making a mess of things just a few days after I'd painted this on =P.

Oh and here's what I did:

1. Base Coat (Sally Hansen Nail Hardener)
2. Painted a solid stripe of green polish on the tips of my can be messy on this part cause you'll cover it up.
4. Went over whole fingernail with semi-transparent gold polish with glitter a few times so it looks like a gradient.
5. Before that layer dries, apply the (already cut) Fimo decorations and pearls and whatever else you'd like.
6. Go over with a topcoat.

Done =)


  1. o.o Dude, that's epic! I thought gradient nails were awesome already, but then you added...fruit! In matching shades!
    It looks really pretty. :)
    Btw, what is Fimo?

  2. Um... Fimo canes are basically canes of this soft-ish plastic/polymer or whatevs like these:

    And basically you take an Xacto or Razor blade and cut them down to thin pieces and then they look like this:

    And then you just stick'em on your nail =).

  3. Ohhhh. That's cool....Can you use them for anything other than nail art?

  4. yeah theyre just little pieces of plastic decorations once you've chopped them. you can glue them anywhere you want. just keep in mind that they're, well, tiny haha =)