Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Charlotte Russe Nail Polish Fun =)

So a few weeks ago I was in Charlotte Russe skimming their sales racks. You know when you're waiting in line there are loads of small things put there to bait you into buying 'just one more thing' before you go?

Well they got me good. I fell prey to two pretty looking CR brand polishes (they were 2 for 3 bucks!).

They don't really have names so I'll be prosaic here and call them pink and brown:

Anyways, for no particular reason I decided to paint both of them on, a layer of the brown first and then a layer of the pink on top. It actually turned out quite nice!

In different light, the polish changes from dusty pink-rose to a more beige-brown color.

It was all great until I removed the polish and discovered that it had stained my nails orange. Not even yellow, but orange.

I could try to be fancy and say that the lesson was that cheap things are cheap for a reason, but how about for now let's just not buy any more polish from Charlotte Russe?


  1. ...lolwut? That's...gross. Do you know if it was just the bronze nail polish, or both? Or are you unwilling to test them? :P

    I've bought a lot of good cheap things though. I really like those nail polishes that I got from Missha for $1...they're really sheer, but the colors are so pretty!

  2. blarrrgh that would never go on my nails.

    I need more pizzazz

  3. Connie: Missha's a well known asian brand though.. god knows where charlotte russe found these polishes. they might even be expired. im pretty sure it was the brown polish since it'd be weird for a pink one to dye my nails orange haha but either way, not gonna chance it anymore. where'd you find missha polish for 1 dollah? take me with!

    SLBITN (too lazy to spell yo whole name... <3 you): Ugh i know right.. but this was as "crazy" as i could get since i was chewed out for wearing nail polish to slave-work.