Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Laura Geller Tinted Moisturizer, Line n Define and Cream Eyeshadow

It's Tuesday, and I've got my mom's heated shiatsu massager pressed against my belly.

I'm glad I'm a girl because it's socially acceptable for me to feed my makeup addiction but sometimes .....

Anyways, today I'm gonna finish up the reviews for the Laura Geller items I received in a Sephora clearance sale awhile back.

First on my list is Laura Geller's Barely There Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 in Fair

Here's a swatch:

You can see here in this pic that although Fair is the lightest color available for this product, it's still a tad too dark for me (then again I really haven't been able to find any products pale enough for my pasty skin so it's not surprising).

However, since tinted moisturizers tend to have very low coverage and this one is pretty translucent, it blends pretty well.

(pic of the swatch above blended in)

I haven't got many bad things to say about this tinted moisturizer. It goes on very sheer but you can layer for more coverage, and with just one layer I get a nice dewy complexion. It's perfect for summertime because it's incredibly light on your skin and won't melt off like heavy powder or liquid foundations AND it has SPF!! I've been using this on an everyday basis, although it doesn't cover the blemishes on my cheeks and the bridge of my nose, I usually cover those by wearing my black-framed glasses =P.

You probably wouldn't want to use this product by itself if you want it to cover up major blemishes and etc, since, even for a tinted moisturizer, it's on the sheer/lower coverage side. However, I can definitely say that wearing a layer of this over your usual foundation will give you the much-needed SPF for summer time and also a nice dewy glow.

Other specs: It blends well and easily, is also a light summertime moisturizer for the face, and for the clearance price of what I think was around 5-10 bucks, is really worth the money.

Laura Geller Line n Define in Ipanema Brown and Plum Wine.

Line n Define is a pretty cool product from Laura Geller. It's a double-ended pencil-shaped product with a colored mascara on one side and a liquid liner of the same shade on the other. The colored mascara is supposed to bring out the shade of the liquid liner even more and make your eyes pop.

Sadly, as is the case with many discontinued/clearance Sephora products, these were a little past the expiry date (yes makeup DOES expire). As you can see in the photo, the mascara side of both Line n Defines was pretty much dried up and grody =(. I returned these to Sephora awhile ago because of that, but I almost didn't because the liner side of the products worked fine and were quite nice.

Here's swatches of the liner side of these products on the right (the left is swatches of the cream shadow that I'll review right after this).

Laura Geller Eye Stay Cream Shadow swatch in Pink and Aubergine on the left
Laura Geller Line n Define in Ipanema Brown and Plum Wine on the right

It sucked that the mascara side of the product was pretty much useless but the liquid liner in both plum and brown was very nice. I especially loved the dark bronze-y color of Ipanema Brown. The colors were very pigmented and didn't crease, although the consistency was a bit watery (perhaps because the product is expired?).

Here's a pic of me wearing both colors:

Anyways, a pretty great product if not for the dried-up mascara (although I'm not sure if it's worth the 20 bucks Laura has it up for at her site).

Finally, the last Geller product I have: Laura Geller Eye Stay Cream Shadow duo in Pink and Aubergine.

The color's a bit off in this photo, as the Aubergine color is definitely more dark purple than brown.

As you can see from the swatch above, this product is very creamy and extremely pigmented. It didn't fade or crease when I wore it (although it's hard for me to get creasing since I have a mono-lid =9), even without eye primer. The pink is a bit more metallic than I expected, but is still very beautiful and more pigmented that most lighter color eye shadows.

All in all, this product was definitely worth the buy.


  1. thanks for dropping by my blog! hmmm my favorite of the bunch is probably the cream shadow duo, both are gorgeouss colors

  2. =D! Yeah, cream shadows are usually gorgeous. I find them a bit too pigmented/metallic for nude/day looks sometimes though.