Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kevyn Aucoin The Rouge Hommage lippie in Guilty

Hm... Kevyn Aucoin. I wasn't really familiar with his products but I nabbed a few on sale from Sephora awhile back and I have to say that they are of pretty high quality. I especially love the sexy yet minimalist look this brand goes for with their packaging! (<----packaging whore =DDD)

Anyways, the Rouge Hommage, a line of lippies (probably lip sheer) is no different, at least in terms of packaging. It's sleek and cool, just like me (barf). Um, anyways, something I really liked was that it has a magnet on the bottom half of the lippie (the edges of the bottom half and the cap are perfectly smooth where they meet), and every time I put the cap back on the magnet kind of sucks it back on with a satisfying click. The magnet seems pretty strong too, so I wouldn't worry about the cap coming off in my purse.

Now onto the product.

I really, really wanted to like Rouge Hommage. I've tried his other products and loved them. I totally dig the design of the lippie and the packaging, probably more than any other lip product I've used.

Too bad there's absolutely NO pigmentation. Now, I classified this line as a line of lip sheers, but man are they sheer. Now here's two attempts I made at taking a pic of the lippie next to a swatch:

Yeah.... You gotta squint kind of hard to see the swatch. Rouge Hommage didn't show up on my lips whatsoever, so I won't even bother posting a pic of me wearing it =(. It's definitely sheer and shimmery... but there's no real color, so what's the point? Might as well spend 2 bucks on some Avon/drugstore gloss and get probably a better shimmery effect.

Also, I didn't feel that it was particularily hydrating, as claimed by its description, although it wasn't drying either.

=( so disappointing. Maybe I'll head into Sephora and try another shade other than Guilty, but I don't really have high hopes for this one. Hit and a miss, Kevyn!

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