Friday, June 25, 2010

Tokidoki Kabuki Brush

Let me introduce... the Tokidoki Kabuki Brush =)!

I've been using this brush everyday to put on powder, and I love it! It's super soft, has never shed a single hair, is big enough to efficiently cover the whole face in seconds, it's PURPLE, and it's SUPER cute.

It even matches my Tokidoki crossbody bag =D.

There's really nothing to not like about it! I really recommend it.



  1. OMG.OMG.OMG. You got that brush?? It's so pretty!

    I got one of the Tokidoki bronzers. But I don't wear it that much. I just thought it was really cute. I should start using it more.

    Tokidoki is really cute. x3

  2. omg I didn't know tokidoki even had a bronzer! does it have a name? what shade did you get it in? I've NEVER been able to find a bronzer for my white-ass skintone =(.

  3.'s the Sephora Tokidoki bronzer? I got it in Diavolina, which I think is supposed to be the darker shade, but it's actually a little light for me, since I got a little darker this summer. lol. I guess Tokidoki is meant for pale asians. 8D

    The packaging is really cute though! *o*

  4. omg! I'm a pale asian! YAY * HOPE*

  5. waitaminute though connie, you're not dark skinned though... you're like a medium fair! these must be pretty light colored bronzers then..

    (we should all go to the beach and tan)
    (but then I'll go back to Boston and get paler hair got darker too, apparently. lolwhut)

  7. lol i don't really use bronzers, so i don't know if this is a a light or dark bronzer...i just thought it looked pretty on my arm. :D you should try them out!
    (but i don't want to tan)
    (except for maybe my pale pale legs)
    (why would hair get darker?)

  8. that is pretty strange. maybe cause since you're in the sun the sunlight bleaches your hair but when you're out of it your hair goes back to normal again? i ono how though lolol...