Sunday, December 19, 2010

Urban Decay Show Pony Palette and GIANT OYSTER!!!

Hey blog, haven't seen you in awhile! ~(*o*)~

Anyways, I had a great dinner tonight at Nara, a japanese restaurant near Diamond Bar. Highly recommend the place =), their longostino sushi, yellowtail sashimi and GIANT RAW OYSTER is to die for.

Giant Oyster of lore:

The plate it's resting on is larger than my head. So take a gander at the size of this thing:

Anyways, the waitress said it was a Barrons Point oyster? Not sure, either way it was the crispest, sweetest, and definitely biggest oyster I've ever eaten. Dayum.

Alright, onto the mini-review:

A week or so ago I received the Urban Decay Show Pony Palette in the mail from Sephora. It had been on sale (I think it was around 10 dollars off) so was definitely worth the haul:
(Pic from

Here's swatches:

As usual, Urban Decay's eyeshadows are creamy, incredibly pigmented, and amazing. Totally worth it. Pretty good coordination of colors here as well. Got the 3 neutrals in the 2 browns and 1 peachy-champagne color Snatch for a gorgeous daytime look, but also some fun bright colors for a party/nightlife look as well.

Only issues I had were with Flash, the purple color, which was surprisingly the least pigmented of them all and a bit less creamy than the rest (I had to swatch it multiple times to get it to show up on my arm).

Snatch was my favorite color, I know it's hard to get from the picture but it's a beautiful peachy pink with gold glitter that also look s a bit champagne at certain angles. Some people complained that Snatch had a lot of fallout due to its glitzy nature (a common complaint of most glittery Urban Decay shadows... especially those darned Stardusts or whatever) , but it was tolerable for me. Either way, you can always get some not-too-sticky tape to catch all the fallout under your eye after you're done.

Oh and PS. the mini sample of UDPP (Urban Decay eyeshadow Primer Potion) was lovely of course as well. Kept shadows vibrant and stationary throughout my day. That bottle design still sucks though, it's cute but hard to get the last bits of product out as usual -_-