Monday, May 31, 2010

Nail Deco: White tip with gold rhinestones =)

Hey all,

Nothing too exciting today, but I thought I'd share a nail deco I recently did on myself =)
It's pretty easy to do, and is one of my favorite variations on a French mani.

What basically happens is that since it's hard for me to paint a perfect white tip with a normal polish brush, I just cover up my mistakes with rhinestones =)

1. Base coat (Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Base Coat)
2. Base color (I first painted a light layer of Sally Hansen's Sheer Strawberry and then a layer of Revlon's Gold Get 'Em over that for a pink and gold hue)
3. Paint the White tip. You don't have to be too careful because you'll cover it all up with rhinestones =)
4. Stick on the rhinestones. I use a nail dotter tool dipped in any clear polish to get the rhinestones to stick to it and then place the gem on my nail. You can use a toothpick too.
5. Top coat.


PS I bought my rhinestones from Ebay for just a few bucks =)

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