Sunday, July 25, 2010

Juicy Couture Lip Gloss in Layer Cake

Hey all, hope you're having a good weekend =) I hit Japantown yesterday and it was great fun! Anyways, today's review is on Juicy Couture's Lip Gloss that I got on sale from Sephora awhile ago.

It's a pretty tall tin, and so you get a hefty amount of product for your bucks, which isn't bad. It's more of a lip balm format and consistency than a lip gloss though, and as you can see it doesn't really have any color. It's a clear gloss with fine shimmer. Wear time isn't too great, but if you treat this as a lip balm you'll understand why. All in all, it's a pretty unremarkable product, but you do get what you pay for ( if you get it on sale... ). Here's the shot of me wearing it on bare lips:


  1. Does it moisturize at all?
    I've just been using lip balm recently...I have one that smells like vanilla and has spf 20! 8D

  2. I'm still attached to the rose lip balm tin thing from Bath & Body. xD

    Especially if it's on sale.

  3. connie:It's definitely more moisturizing and emollient than normal lip glosses, it's kind of got a thick petroleum/vaseline texture. Yeah, actually just imagine smearing vaseline on your lips minus the bad taste haha.
    Mir: Omg, is it the big blue tin of rose-perfume lip balm? cause I totally have one too haha =D. Dude, you can use that shit EVERYWHERE

  4. Haha, gotcha. :P
    Dude, I have that rose lip balm thing, but I can't open it anymore, godammit! I think the tin rusted or something, and there's not really a place on the tin for me to get a good grip, so I can never open it, and I never use it anymore. >:[