Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Urban Decay Stardust Samples

So recently I got a sample of Urban Decay's (relatively) new eyeshadows "Stardust" in the bottom two colors, Space Cowboy and Retrograde. (Also how do I turn off this underlining stuff?!).
Anyways, I had great hopes as I am a total UD junkie, but Stardust was some nasty stuff. The fallout was terrible.. like World War III had started up but instead of destruction and terror, someone had filled all the ICBMs of the world with glitter. Somehow, after I was done demurely patting Space Cowboy over my lid and Retrograde into my crease, I had glitter in places that I can't even write down for fear of your sanity. It got pretty much everywhere- in my hair (even as it was held back by a hairband), on my neck, on my entire face and onto my clothes).
The pigmentation was also terrible sh*tty and I had to put on layers and layers of the shadow to get any real solid color (resulting in more Edward-like fallout). I'm pretty sure I even inhaled some glitter and may presently sue UD for some glitter-caused respiratory disease, like eyeshadothelioma or something (damn that Stardusbesthos!).
And all this was on top of the holy UD Primer Potion too, so there really was no excuse when, a quarter through my day (eg 2 - 3 hours) I realized that most of the shadow had faded off and was barely there and I had to reapply something like 2 in the afternoon...and then proceed to sticky my face with some Scotch tape to get most of the glitter (don't even TRY to get all of it.. the world will end before you could possibly accomplish such a task).

So yeah. UD Stardust eyeshadow sucks. Don't waste yer moolah!

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