Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Body Shop: Matte and Shimmer Cheek Colour

Hey guys!

Finally I'll be reviewing the blush I received from that 3 for 10 bucks Body Shop sale! =D yaaay

As you can see, it's pretty cute =) and has 4 different parts, 2 shimmer (top right corner) and two matte (bottom left). At first I was like, "Oh cool this is like getting 4 shades of blush in one!" but it's not really practical since this pan is actually quite small - a little under 1.5 by 1.5 inches. My full sized blush brush basically covers the entire pan so I always end up using all the colors swirled together.
Also the colors by themselves are very unpigmented ( I had to swatch many many times to get it to show up on picture haha):

The left four swatches are each individual color and the one on the far right is a swatch of all colors swirled together.

Anyways, the verdict on this: It's a very cute blush and for the price (what, 3.3333 dollars?) it's pretty nice. However, it's very low in pigmentation and the staying power is pretty sad. It comes off within an hour or two. Basically due to these limitations, how I use it is just as a shimmery overlay over another blush that has better staying power for whenever I want a multi-hued glow. Basically, treat this as a cheek highlighter more than a solid blush.

Hope this was helpful =). Btw, if anyone knows what kinds of makeup The Body Shop excels at, I'd like to know.. so far what I've used hasn't been too amazing!

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  1. I got a lip gloss thing from Body Shop at one of those sales. And I actually like it.

    I'll show it to you when we get together over winter break. Remind me!